Friday 17th

Heading home after a date in town

Ullala’ my car breakes down

I don’t despair, Lucky woman indeed

Here comes a friend with the jumping leads

The sun is shining, people enjoy with glee

Amongst the many who don’t I see?

Don’t blame me I’m blind and can’t tell a car,

can’t tell a circle from a star.

Indeed I’m never right, only know it’s the ex when what he’s driving is white.

I go home happy, my friend save my life

But there’s one thing I still don’t realise

6 missed call from my son, of course I worry what’s going on?

I take my phone and I call him back

And the unexpected strikes at my neck

He is not sad or crying, happy I’m again

“Mummy mummy I saw you, you have a boyfriend!!!”

Of course he was at home with his dad

Some people can’t tell focaccia from bread

He’s too young to understand a date from a ring, he’s too young to comprehend if it’s marriage or a fling.

I know he loves me and he wants me to settle

But the water is full of fish and you can’t just look into a kettle

There’ll come a day in which I’ll be ready, for now am single and take everything slow and steady.

And love is simple in a kid eye, but my baby boy has an inquisitive mind

Tre zillion of questions, he’ll have – that silly goose. Before next Thursday, friends,I need a consulting booze!


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