Take me to church

Every Sunday’s getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week
“We were born sick”, you heard them say it
(Hozier-Take Me To Church)

“Ti han detto cos’e’ il bene e
ti han spiegato il male
si sappia regolare
prima o poi c’e’ l’aldilà”
(LL – Vivo, morto o X)

Communion Day 2021.
Being mothers with notions, and thinking about the meaning of this day, we ended up observing:

  1. The different degrees of importance with which people respect “Catholic rules”. For us: you are in or out. Middle way is being hypocritical. And, admittedly, we all have been at some stage, somewhat. We are today, sitting there just “for the sake of our kids”, because the school in this place is so entangled with the church that pulling them away from their peers would probably made more damage than letting them hear all those stories. Or at least, this is what I’m trying to convince myself of. I presume the teaching of “forgiveness” works to my side. I didn’t burn. Holy cow my angel must be a pro.
  2. The hands-on knowledge that living in a Country neighbouring the Vatican offers you on what really happens there. I might not know how many angels are painted on the Sistin Chapel, but I do know that, not far away from there, handsome hot guys (like the one in the pic) pose for the “Priests Calendar”. This fact sparked a notable interest among my amazed friends. Might need to order a bulk of artwork for the season 2022.
  3. “J.G.’s bread legend”. Story tells the bread is disgusting only if it’s not blessed. When it’s ointed, instead, it should taste yummy. I won’t go into details. N. commented “I’ll never think of the bread in the same way ever again”. That’s right, me neither.
  4. The ego-booster #1: heck, we are pretty good-looking mums indeed. And, also, we don’t look like grannies. Even when we are dating toy-boys.
  5. The ego-booster #2: I felt awesome. But it’s simply manners. When I saw nothing was happening I put my smile on and I shook hands. My bravery will be returned by Karma at Confirmation day. I am sure of that. Official boyfriend of the future, stay ready.

When the grown ups turn to collect their bread arrived, I sat quietly on my bench.
Baby looked at me saying ‘why don’t you go’. I thought, after all the conversations we had, he kinda knew.
But apparently I owe more explanations.
He said ‘well, whatever, I wanna go to Heaven’. I’m sure he’ll figure it out on its own one day.
Man-made religion is a clever engineered way to control people by instilling fear in them.
And churchyards are a great place to arrange your deeds.



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